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Brand Consulting


Emotional state derived from happiness, where a person feels a powerful attraction to another.

Being in love is and will be the best sensation that we can feel in our lives. That’s why when a brand is able to win the client’s heart, we can guarantee a long lasting and mutual beneficial relationship between the brand and its followers.
This is what we call Brand Engagement, that commitment that makes staff and clients faithful, and at the same time turns into better financial results for the company.

¿What is it?

The fundamental objective of this methodology system is to coherently connect the brand’s global strategy with the organization’s culture through the integration of marketing, communication, and human talent, areas which traditionally don’t work together.


Its objective is to diagnose the state of the brand’s wellbeing between the main stakeholders, in order to identify their perceptions and brand awareness of the brand and the organization. This helps us define where we want to present the brand and effectively connect it to the heart of the people and win their trust.

  • Encuesta valores a empleados.
  • Encuesta nivel engagement empleados.
  • Tabulación y análisis resultados.
  • Presentación resultados.
  • Encuesta a directivos para identificación del nivel de madurez en Brand engagement con el que cuenta hoy la organización.
  • Tabulación y análisis resultados.
  • Diseño instrumento encuesta.
  • Entrevista Presidencia/Gerencia.
  • Entrevista a Stakeholders.
  • Encuesta a clientes.
  • Tabulación encuestas.
  • Análisis de brechas y oportunidades.

Through a systematic route we link the corporate purpose to the organization’s characteristics and values. We do this to define the soul of the brand and present it through an enriched proposal to the inside/staff, and outside/ clients; and thus, achieving a coherent and long-lasting positioning of the brand.


Based on the characteristics, benefits, and values that we want the brand to be associated with in the future, we define the name of the organization.

Matrix Analysis

Characteristics – Benefits – Values


First Stage


Reason Why

Brand development

(Value – Characteristics)


Second Stage



We build the brand’s identity with the corresponding organizational system which visually represents the organization in front of all the stakeholders.


National and International

Development of Brand’s


Identity Guidebook

Color Identification of Territories

Brand’s Architecture

Key Visual



Throughout the integration of the corporate culture and the brand’s objectives, we develop the navigational map, identifying all of the contact points of the brand and its internal and external stakeholders.

  • Define the human capital process
  • Identify contact points
  • Define the channels, expressed values and leaders
  • Design the experiences map
  • Experience prioritization
  • Launch of the EVP/Employee Value Proposition
  • Brand’s inventory
  • Identify contact points
  • Define the benefits and values to communicate
  • Co-creation of the experiences map
  • Design of the experiences map
  • Prioritization of experiences / channels
  • Launch of CVP / Customer Value Proposition

We start with taking care of the permanent strategy to ensure long term brand coherency. To achieve this, we create an online collaborative platform, through which brand leaders / guardians can upload all of the key campaigns and evaluate communication tasks to make sure that these are in accordance with set guidelines, and we also evaluate brand management through KPI’s.

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